World of warcraft Bots

World Of Warcraft Memory Based Bot (archived)

WoWMimic Bot acts very human like software, many find too advanced to use so please contact us for a free trial before signing up as we will require all new users to make sure to contact us for hands on training on how to use this software. If you cannot sign up for it then it is because we request you to contact us and see our latest version of LUA based automation via questing in wow.

World Of Warcraft Bots for retail, tbc classic & now WOTLK Bots with the latest expansion.

Lua Unlockers provide you with an in depth more advanced automation platform for making custom scripts and automation tools within the wow economy.

WoW OwlBot

World Of Warcraft Pixel Bot for all things from rotations for all classes to grinding for each class in TBC, Retail and soon WOTLK Classic.

WoW Pixel Based Bot for Maximum Security for grinding wow rations and leveling.