TBC Classic Bot - The Burning Crusade Classic Bots

WOW TBC Classic Bots with LUA Unlocker

  • Herb/Mining/Skining/Mote Gathering
  • 1 - 70 Auto Leveling Profile
  • 1 - 60 Dungeon Mage AOE Leveling
  • 58 - 64 ZG Mage AOE Leveling
  • 64 - 70 Slave pens Leveling
  • Steamvault rouge Mining/Herb/Cheste farm
  • Premium Support

WOW TBC Classic Bots - The Burning Crusade Classic Bots

Many choices to choose from what matters is security and that will be included with the LUA Unlocker that is chosen.

There are many WoW TBC Bots to Choose from

Whether it’s for Rotations for WOW TBC or for AFK Farming you will be satisfied to know that there are options to match the style of play you are looking to automate in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic.

WoW TBC Combat Routines to automate Rotations as you see fit

Use preset combat routines or customize your own wow tbc rotations with ease.
Baneto WoW Rotations Bot

There are many WoW TBC Bots to choose from

We always make sure to provide the latest updates and safest to use wow tbc bots.